Getting it Done

I’m starting to see the folly in choosing the story I chose for Camp NaNo. I started Slice back in November, and decided to use Camp NaNoWriMo as a chance to get it up to 50,000 words. I had already started writing it again as part of my thousand words a day thing. However, that was in March, before Camp NaNo, when I was counting everything from stories to outlines to blogs as part of that count. I was able to give myself a break from Slice any day I didn’t feel like writing it, so long as I wrote something else.

But with Camp NaNo, I’m sort of forced to stick to this one story. I’ve taken one day off from it so far, and I’m not too far off par because of it. I set my goal at 25,000 since that’s how much more I have to write to hit 50k, meaning I really only have to do just more than 800 words a day to hit the goal.

To put it simply, I’m kind of losing interest.

Before April began (they call it March, as I believe I mentioned above) I actually was smart enough to put together a rough outline. All my outlines are vague and rough. I can usually throw in details and randomness as the story comes together. However, I’ve strayed way from the outline.

I don’t see it as a bad thing that I’ve strayed. It’s not the first time I’ve done it, and it’s the reason my outlines are so broad and vague now. I tried doing bullet points once. Once. But now I have in mind an ending, and how I want the events leading up to the ending to go, and who the killer is, and how he did it, and why he did it.

On second thought, I’m not losing interest; I’ve just become anxious. I want to finish the story, to get all these ideas from my head to paper. But I could do all of that over the course of maybe ten pages. In other words, not enough to hit that magical 50k.

Of course, my last post referenced another project I want to work on. If it weren’t April, I would be doing outlines and character bios and such for that project, taking a break from Slice and not feeling bad about it at all. But I committed myself to this one story for now, and I don’t want to take from the time I could be writing it (he said whilst writing a blog entry).

So, I think I need a new plan of attack. I’m going to finish the story. It might not come out to the word count I want, but then again I may surprise myself. I may just have to stray away from the shorter chapters I’ve been doing, and add in more adventure and description.

And if it doesn’t end up being 50,000 words, I’ll just have to add in some stuff. Maybe in editing… Or maybe I’ll have to break the cardinal rule of NaNoWriMo and backtrack to parts in the story where I can add more to it. It can be our little secret.

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