NaNoWriMo is Not for Me

If you’re aware of NaNoWriMo, then you know that it’s a month-long event in November in which you write a 50,000 word novel, probably all on a whim with little planning. Camp NaNoWriMo also takes place in April and [another month] and it has less strict rules, but it’s essentially the same thing.

If you weren’t aware of these things, then now you are.

I tried to write a murder mystery back in November. It was my first attempt at the genre, and I was doing pretty well for the first part of the month. Then school and an impromptu vacation got in the way and it all fell apart. In April, I tried to revive the project after starting up a 1,000 words-a-day plan in March, setting my April goal for 25,000 words, which would get it up to 50k.

The challenge ended yesterday, but I quit more than a week ago.

But why? Well, I realized that I just wasn’t interested in what I was writing. I always have several other projects in the back of my head, especially the Sci-Fi/Fantasy, stuff, and I really really really just wanted to get back to writing it.

So I looked at all my notes for three of my story ideas. I checked which story I liked the most and which I would have the most fun writing, jotted down the pros and cons of each story, and decided that the one with the most fleshed-out notes with three chapters already written (which I reread and found enjoyable, though giggling at my own work may be a little self-serving) was the best choice.

I’ve written more than 15,000 words in the last week in that story alone, bringing it up over 26k total, or 53 pages single-space if that’s easier to follow.

This was a good choice. I’ve gotten back into my stride. I’m figuring out my writing process and coming out with what I think is a pretty solid story. Time will tell.

Also, I’ve adopted the idea of not sharing unfinished stories so that I have an incentive to finish them. I don’t want to disappoint anyone anymore by getting them interested in a story and then ending the project out of nowhere, leaving them in the dark as to where the story was even going. When someone’s looking forward to something, you gotta deliver.

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