If you’re looking for writing advice, there are better places to turn. Blogs and websites in general that post more often and have publishing credibility to back up their advice. If you’re here looking for writing advice or a new perspective on writing, you’ll find it, but keep in mind that I’m just like you.

I’m just like you in that I’m always looking for new ways to look at writing. Between my Kindle and my bookshelf, I have over fifty books on writing. A lot of them deal with how to stay motivated as a writer. I feel like I’ve gotten over the crippling fear of sitting down to work on a project, so now I’m on to reading more books about craft.

You see, I want to post here more often. About a year ago, I wanted to write a series of lessons on writing I learned over the course of 2015. A year later, my opinion has changed on some of those lessons.

The problem is, I’m not as dedicated to writing meaningful blog posts as I am to writing my fictional stories. I become a perfectionist when I post to the Internet because it’s published so instantly. That perfectionism can be crippling, and has resulted in several posts that are still in their draft forms, just waiting for me to push the Publish button. I’m also in college, now, so I have to prioritize.

I don’t write this blog for anyone but myself, to be honest. I know how self-absorbed that can sound in a “how dare you read this public blog when it’s meant for me, not you” kind of way, but hear me out. I have a lot of thoughts on writing. I like to write them down and have a place where I can go back and reread them, either to see if I’ve forgotten something or if my opinion and understanding of a subject has changed. For a time, I used blogs effectively just on this principle. Now I have to have some kind of great idea before I feel comfortable even beginning to write something on here.

The reason this site is public is because I like helping people. I like being a facilitator of growth. I’m going to school to become a teacher after all. The reason I don’t advertise the site is because I’m lazy in that regard. I’m not a promoter, and I’d be a terrible sales rep. This understanding of myself has also helped me get off the fence of the self-publish vs. traditional publish internal debate.

All the money that flows through this site is from me to my web host. I like it that way, although maybe I’ll someday link the site to a Patreon for people who want to contribute. Maybe I could use this to give out advance reader copies in the future. But for now, I’ve set up a mailing list, and that’s it. I don’t know what I’ll use it for.

I have an idea of what I’ll probably use it for, though. See, I said I want to use this site to write down thoughts and ideas. That means I want to write on here more, but that I don’t want to have to be too rigorous about the level of detail in each post. If I have a thought, I want to write it out. Over time, I’ll end up with a more whole understanding of how I see various aspects of writing. I can compile the information from these posts and from there create longer, more meaningful posts.

I’m thinking of breaking these posts up into the distinctions of blog posts and articles. Blog posts are the quick, rapid-fire thoughts. Articles are the accumulation and eventual compilation of those thoughts and reflections therein. I can use the mailing list to post about those, as well as any other major updates (such as publication or the addition of a Patreon.)

Let me wrap up by saying that I absolutely hate blog posts that boil down to “Sorry I haven’t been posting much. I’ll try harder.” I admit that that’s exactly what this is. However I do so with the added understanding that I let the point of this website get away from me, and it fell into a state of disuse because I thought the alternative would have been misuse. I’ll no longer let the thought of updating this website stress me out. If I end up having a schedule, it will only be to release a backlog of posts steadily rather than all at once (I’d rather not update more than once in a day.)

So that’s what I leave you with: A website that should begin to have more posts, without a rigorous schedule, with maybe a little more honesty and heart to them. No cold-hearted essays coming from this site.

Got something to say? Say it!