Years ago, David T. Shank was introduced to the Internet. It was simultaneously the best and worst thing that ever happened to him. Later, he realized he could become a force for good to balance out the true evils of the web.

Since then, David has become many things. He eventually had to shove most of his hobbies into a closet to make room for writing, music, and running—the things he’s actually passionate about.

He goes in and out of what he calls “funks” and uses these as inspiration to write about mental health. This blog is almost a diary to his future self, in that way, but he writes it for you, the people, as well. His writing is his self-help, his music his therapy, and running his antidepressant.

David is an English major living in Cleveland, where he plans to get his degree before he turns thirty.

Want to drop me a line? You can email me at davidtshank@gmail.com

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