David T. Shank spends most of his time in worlds of robots, dragons, and robot dragons. To pass the time in the real world, he took up running, then decided he’d rather get his cardio vicariously through video game characters while carbo-loading on Killian’s.

His perfect vision lets him see everything but the fact that he’ll never defeat those walls he keeps punching. When he’s not doing the novel-writing thing, he can often be found in public reading his Kindle and being antisocial. He learned long ago how dangerous it can be to go alone, but his lightsaber is in the shop.

For some reason, all of David’s vehicles have been red and this has made it difficult to convince people he’s a well-adjusted southerner from the city. The first car he ever owned was so old it had to be unlocked with the Konami code.

David lives in Cleveland with his girlfriend, two dogs, and a bag of sentient twenty-sided dice that have learned to hate everything but Charisma rolls.

Want to drop me a line? You can email me at davidtshank@gmail.com