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Are You Afraid of the Dark?

As kids, we were told that there’s nothing in the dark that can hurt us. There are no monsters waiting to eat us, nothing’s going to reach out from under the bed to grab our ankles or slink out of the closet to smother us. It’s just the absence of light, […]

Death to Digital Squatters

Have you ever wondered about the T in my name? Have you ever wondered what it stood for, or why it’s there? Well, I’ll answer one of those questions. It’s there because of digital squatters. Years ago when I first entertained the idea of having my own website (despite having […]

A Lesson in Perseverance

Sometimes we convince ourselves of what we want to do. Other times we convince ourselves that we need to do this or that for success. But that pressure can be overwhelming, right? There are two major factors to this. First, we are afraid that we will fail. If we decide […]


If you’re looking for writing advice, there are better places to turn. Blogs and websites in general that post more often and have publishing credibility to back up their advice. If you’re here looking for writing advice or a new perspective on writing, you’ll find it, but keep in mind […]

I Hate the Internet

Stay your torches and pitchforks my friends. Please, hear me out. Something’s changed in me. And no, I don’t mean that I’m turning into some gray-haired old guy still struggling to understand this newfangled series of tubes known as the Internet (and what do we call the netting inside of […]

Listen Star Wars, We Need to Talk

Star Wars is almost more American than baseball. It’s part of our culture at this point, the great uniter of people and generations. I’m going to see episode VII even if it sucks. And if it does suck, I’m still going to see episodes VIII and IX. I’ve been pretty good at […]

Fantasy Armor: “At Least My Boobs Are Safe”

When I’m not busy writing, studying, or doing homework, I like to procrastinate, usually from doing any of those things I just mentioned. One of my time-passers is World of Warcraft. Now, I’m not a very dedicated player – every now and then (usually around this time of year) I […]

Grooveshark is No More, and I am Upset

Free music streaming site Grooveshark recently shut down its services after a legal battle which began in 2011 ended just two days ago. The site is now nothing more than an image depicting a farewell message to its loyal listeners. In the message, Grooveshark admits that they did not obtain rights to […]

Why I Read So Many Books on Writing

Talk to any writer and they’ll tell you there’s no formula to writing. Some may try to sell you a formula, but it almost never works out. As writers, many of us have this gut feeling that we know what we’re doing, but there’s just something we don’t quite get yet. There’s got to […]

Time Off as a Writer with a Day Job

I remember reading some time ago an account of someone who took a whole month off from work to complete NaNoWriMo. This person saved up money, and then just told their boss they would be on vacation for a month. So, they must have gotten their novel done, right? Actually, […]

After the Manuscript: Making Up with My Inner Editor

Hey, look, a completed manuscript! It’s my third, it’s 65,000 words long, and… it’s dead to me. If you’re a writer with an Internet connection, you’ve likely heard of the phrase “Inner Editor.” It’s the little voice inside your head that tells you, “No, that sentence sucks. Try it again,” […]