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Do It for You

I’ve always had a difficult time growing facial hair. It’s mainly because I’m blond, but it also has a little to do with the fact that there are two places on my face that refuse to yield more than a single tiny hair every now and then. Call it self-consciousness, […]

The Lessons of 2017

I’ve changed a lot this year. Mostly for the better. New Years usually isn’t a big deal to me anymore. It used to be the time when I’d look back and go “Well that sucked, but next year will be better” only to say the same thing again a year […]

Confessions of a Hobbyist

I’ve described myself as an overzealous hobbyist at times. I’m always tinkering with something new. Others might call me a “dabbler.” Years ago, I started making tiny wooden guitars and selling them on etsy. They took hours to make and I didn’t think they were worth much so I sold […]

Have Less Stuff, Do More Things

In my efforts to try and understand myself and how I would like to grow, I’ve decided I have too much stuff. I’m a pretty neat guy. Wasn’t always. But living on your own for a while will make you want to be neat because you’re accountable to your mess. […]