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Don’t Call Me Talented

If you’re here, then you already know I’m a writer. You might also know I’m a guitarist—and not a half-bad one if I may say so myself. These are the two creative activities I enjoy the most, and I’ve gotten good at them through practice and study. At least hundreds […]

Run from the Hip

When I started running, I found my legs in pain a lot. I tended to take time off from running when this happened, usually planning to just take the next day or two easy before hitting the street again. But then the downtime inspired only more downtime and suddenly I’d […]

All the Small Things

It’s hard to get started sometimes. Hey, even I just had a dilemma over whether or not I even wanted to write a post today. But I’m behind schedule, so I kind of have to. But being the practiced procrastinator I am, I’ve come up with some tricks to get started, […]

The Goal & The Journey

A long time ago I trained for a 5k. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to run that race due to getting sick the week leading up to it, but the fact that I was ready for it was enough. That was success to me. It is generally accepted wisdom that it’s […]

Getting Back to Zero

How do you tackle big projects? Do you take them on piecemeal, scheduling bit by bit until the whole thing is done? Or do you go full-force and get everything done all at once? What about if you have multiple things to do? Clean the kitchen one day, the living […]

You’re Full of It

We’re all full of it. You, me, writers, construction workers, everyone. And of course that thing we’re full of is time.

Waiting for Monday

I fell into a bad habit a long time ago. It would happen when I had a project I wanted to start, or maybe a streak I wanted to begin (like writing every day), or even something I wanted to quit. Sometimes this would happen on a Thursday, which is […]

One Week of Freedom

We writers sure do complain a lot about not having time to write, don’t we? Yet there’s a common stereotype that when you’re a writer, people automatically imagine you must have a lot of free time. We constantly have to tell people our writing time is not the same as […]

How to Unplug

Here’s my followup post to “I Hate the Internet.” In that post, I lamented what technology has turned me into (as a writer and a person). This post is all about what I plan to do to solve some of the issues I brought up. These solutions might not work […]

Write a Little a Day and Surprise Yourself

For the past two weeks now, I’ve been writing a minimum of thirty minutes a day. This all started because of a challenge I read about called the Write Chain Challenge. The idea is to write every day to a certain goal you set for yourself. It can be a goal […]

Just Keep Writing

Talk to any successful author on their success and a number of them will tell you about the power of deadlines. And it’s true – anyone who’s been to school knows this. How many of us have written papers the night before they were due? Beyond that, most jobs come […]

Creating Conflict: Think Like a Kid

Up through middle school, one of my favorite things to do was play with Legos. I could spend hours building and creating characters and lore to go along with them. And boy was there a lot of lore. Anyway, I had one character whose story was pretty vast. I called […]