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Closing the Screen

I’m not the best at Twitter. I’m objectively not the worst, and I’ve certainly gotten better at it, but there’s a lot of room for improvement in there. As such, I don’t exactly get bombarded by notifications. Which is a little sad sometimes. But this is mostly my fault. I […]


If you’re looking for writing advice, there are better places to turn. Blogs and websites in general that post more often and have publishing credibility to back up their advice. If you’re here looking for writing advice or a new perspective on writing, you’ll find it, but keep in mind […]

I’m Almost Ready to Write Again

I have a three-ring binder sitting on my desk with about sixty pages of plotting, characterization, and outlines for the next story I plan to write. It took me far too long to put together, but the story is basically ready to be written now. I’m not ready to do that […]


If you’ve come here from the latest video on my YouTube page, then you can consider yourself part of the few who noticed the update. However, chances are I just linked you to this, and you’re reading this because I told you to through some means of coercion. Or maybe […]