Write a Little a Day and Surprise Yourself

For the past two weeks now, I’ve been writing a minimum of thirty minutes a day. This all started because of a challenge I read about called the Write Chain Challenge. The idea is to write every day to a certain goal you set for yourself. It can be a goal […]

Just Keep Writing

Talk to any successful author on their success and a number of them will tell you about the power of deadlines. And it’s true – anyone who’s been to school knows this. How many of us have written papers the night before they were due? Beyond that, most jobs come […]

The Obligatory Post-NaNoWriMo Blog

Woo it’s over. Okay, it was over a week ago, but I really needed to take a breather. And now I can go back to slacking off and not writing for months on end. Just kidding. NaNoWriMo may be done, but my book isn’t. Remember a month ago when I […]

How I Won NaNoWriMo 2014

Today’s the day, the first day of NaNoWriMo 2015. I promised that I would share some tips/tools for my fellow Wrimos, so here I am belting out a blog post that I should have written at least yesterday. Here are some of the things that helped me succeed in NaNoWriMo […]

NaNoWriMo: Not This Year

THE IDES OF OCTOBER ARE UPON US. Shit, never mind, that was yesterday. See, I thought yesterday was the fourteenth when I thought of this post, and I was going to write it after work with that hook, thinking that I’d schedule it to be posted today, but then I […]

Creating Conflict: Think Like a Kid

Up through middle school, one of my favorite things to do was play with Legos. I could spend hours building and creating characters and lore to go along with them. And boy was there a lot of lore. Anyway, I had one character whose story was pretty vast. I called […]

The Common Theme of All Writing Books

Have I mentioned that I read a lot of books on writing? I currently have a category on my Kindle labeled “Writing Books” and it tells me that I have 38 of them. I haven’t read them all – I got many in StoryBundle sales – but I’ve read a […]

I Finally Get “Character Agency”

Some things about writing you can’t get just from reading. You can get a lot out of reading, to be sure, but if you don’t know what you’re supposed to be looking for, then you might not learn a whole lot. Some writers pick up different areas more quickly than others. For […]

False Start

No one is more easily or quickly discouraged than the writer, especially one starting a new novel. A novel is a huge thing, and I feel like no matter how many I write, the beginning will always be scary. It’s the point where in writing it I jump around from […]

Finding Where the Story Starts 2

Today I added a note to my pre-writing: “THIS IS PROBABLY WHERE THE STORY SHOULD BEGIN.” As I mentioned in my previous post, I’m using this story to get my mind back into writing mode. Specifically, I’m trying to get back the mindset I had a year ago when I finished […]

Getting Back into the Writing Groove 6

It’s been a long time since I’ve written any fiction in earnest. I recently mentioned my 60-page, 20,000-word outline for a story I’ve been working on for sometime, and I’ve been wondering why I haven’t just started writing the damn story by now. I think I’ve just been on such […]

I’m Almost Ready to Write Again

I have a three-ring binder sitting on my desk with about sixty pages of plotting, characterization, and outlines for the next story I plan to write. It took me far too long to put together, but the story is basically ready to be written now. I’m not ready to do that […]