Someone Wrote “Gullible” on the Ceiling 6

When I was in Kindergarten, more than two decades ago, a kid on the bus told me he had a direct line to the power rangers, and that he would call them and they would show up outside my house the next afternoon. I’ll be damned if I didn’t sit […]

Are You Afraid of the Dark? 3

As kids, we were told that there’s nothing in the dark that can hurt us. There are no monsters waiting to eat us, nothing’s going to reach out from under the bed to grab our ankles or slink out of the closet to smother us. It’s just the absence of light, […]

Is this Depression or Am I Just Bored? 1

It happens all the time. I sit down to do one of my favorite activities—video games—all settled in with my favorite drink, my dog curled up next to me on the couch, and an open-ended stretch of time during which I can play until the controller dies. Yet somehow, after […]

Death to Digital Squatters 3

Have you ever wondered about the T in my name? Have you ever wondered what it stood for, or why it’s there? Well, I’ll answer one of those questions. It’s there because of digital squatters. Years ago when I first entertained the idea of having my own website (despite having […]

A Lesson in Perseverance 5

Sometimes we convince ourselves of what we want to do. Other times we convince ourselves that we need to do this or that for success. But that pressure can be overwhelming, right? There are two major factors to this. First, we are afraid that we will fail. If we decide […]

Gamification 2

In theory, the idea behind gamification is awesome. If you’re unfamiliar with the principle, it’s simply turning work into a game. It means getting points for completing tasks, or gaining experience for keeping up a habit. You might even bring some kind of currency into the equation so you can […]

Simplify, Prioritize, Thrive 1

Don’t laugh at me, but I’ve read a book about cleaning. The book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo, was a somewhat life-changing experience for me, to be honest. Though now that my girlfriend’s parents have sold their house and offloaded a bunch of their furniture onto us […]

All the Small Things 2

It’s hard to get started sometimes. Hey, even I just had a dilemma over whether or not I even wanted to write a post today. But I’m behind schedule, so I kind of have to. But being the practiced procrastinator I am, I’ve come up with some tricks to get started, […]

The Goal & The Journey

A long time ago I trained for a 5k. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to run that race due to getting sick the week leading up to it, but the fact that I was ready for it was enough. That was success to me. It is generally accepted wisdom that it’s […]

The Internet is a Tool

When I wrote a post on how I hate the Internet, it generated a lot of buzz off-site. Friends I linked it to, friends who check to see if I’ve posted anything recently (the answer was usually no), and people in forums where I may have shared the post wanted […]

My Love-Hate Relationship with Gaming

While we’re on the topic of addiction and bad habits, I figured maybe I should share something that’s a bit of a personal topic. I’ve mentioned how much gaming has gotten in the way of life for me before, but I never quite went in-depth with how I feel about […]

That Time I Was Productive

The routines we fall into are often unintentional. They could be the result of easing up on our accountability to ourselves, to the people around us, or to the valuable time allotted to us in a day. There was one time in my life when everything went great, and it […]