The Internet is a Tool

When I wrote a post on how I hate the Internet, it generated a lot of buzz off-site. Friends I linked it to, friends who check to see if I’ve posted anything recently (the answer was usually no), and people in forums where I may have shared the post wanted […]

My Love-Hate Relationship with Gaming

While we’re on the topic of addiction and bad habits, I figured maybe I should share something that’s a bit of a personal topic. I’ve mentioned how much gaming has gotten in the way of life for me before, but I never quite went in-depth with how I feel about […]

That Time I Was Productive

The routines we fall into are often unintentional. They could be the result of easing up on our accountability to ourselves, to the people around us, or to the valuable time allotted to us in a day. There was one time in my life when everything went great, and it […]

One Week of Earnest Effort

We now know how addictions come about. Now comes the really important part: How to apply that knowledge. Well, I already gave away the secret in one word: Conditioning. This is the process by which you internalize and normalize an activity through repetition. It can, but doesn’t have to, rely […]

The Science of Addiction

Habits and routines are easy to identify, but difficult to change. Addictions are similar, except they’re more difficult to identify and even harder to overcome. But there’s a science to addiction, and this knowledge is instrumental to starting on the right foot. I’m going to keep these explanations rather simple. […]

When Productivity Grows Fangs 3

Picture this: Things are going great in your efforts to become a mindful, productive person. You’ve eliminated your bad habits, your mind is clearer than ever, and you actually want to stay on top of your new habits. Not only are you writing every day for at least the minimum […]

Getting Back to Zero

How do you tackle big projects? Do you take them on piecemeal, scheduling bit by bit until the whole thing is done? Or do you go full-force and get everything done all at once? What about if you have multiple things to do? Clean the kitchen one day, the living […]

You’re Full of It 5

We’re all full of it. You, me, writers, construction workers, everyone. And of course that thing we’re full of is time. There’s an old story that floats about as a source of motivation which conflates the time in a day with currency. The idea is simple: You get $1,440 at the […]

Waiting for Monday 2

I fell into a bad habit a long time ago. It would happen when I had a project I wanted to start, or maybe a streak I wanted to begin (like writing every day), or even something I wanted to quit. Sometimes this would happen on a Thursday, which is […]

One Week of Freedom 3

We writers sure do complain a lot about not having time to write, don’t we? Yet there’s a common stereotype that when you’re a writer, people automatically imagine you must have a lot of free time. We constantly have to tell people our writing time is not the same as […]

Writing Advice for a Younger Me 2

There are a lot of things I wish I’d realized when I was fourteen years old and started making my first forays into the world of writing. I was proud of those first fumbles in the dark, even though I realized years later that I should not have been so […]

How to Take Advice

I’m bad at taking advice. I’ll give it freely, but if you give me an idea that makes me freeze up, I won’t even give it a second thought. For me to take advice seriously, one of two things have to happen: 1 – A bunch of other people have […]