Grooveshark is No More, and I am Upset

Free music streaming site Grooveshark recently shut down its services after a legal battle which began in 2011 ended just two days ago. The site is now nothing more than an image depicting a farewell message to its loyal listeners. In the message, Grooveshark admits that they did not obtain rights to […]

I’m Almost Ready to Write Again

I have a three-ring binder sitting on my desk with about sixty pages of plotting, characterization, and outlines for the next story I plan to write. It took me far too long to put together, but the story is basically ready to be written now. I’m not ready to do that […]

Why I Read So Many Books on Writing

Talk to any writer and they’ll tell you there’s no formula to writing. Some may try to sell you a formula, but it almost never works out. As writers, many of us have this gut feeling that we know what we’re doing, but there’s just something we don’t quite get yet. There’s got to […]

Time Off as a Writer with a Day Job

I remember reading some time ago an account of someone who took a whole month off from work to complete NaNoWriMo. This person saved up money, and then just told their boss they would be on vacation for a month. So, they must have gotten their novel done, right? Actually, […]

After the Manuscript: Making Up with My Inner Editor

Hey, look, a completed manuscript! It’s my third, it’s 65,000 words long, and… it’s dead to me. If you’re a writer with an Internet connection, you’ve likely heard of the phrase “Inner Editor.” It’s the little voice inside your head that tells you, “No, that sentence sucks. Try it again,” […]

How My Dog Kept Me Alive

Let’s not beat around the bush. I suffer from depression. I didn’t want to comment on Robin Williams’ death at first, but I feel that it’s important. Depression is a real issue. There is no joke that even Robin himself could make to repair this. I abhor anyone who says […]

How Magic: The Gathering Taught Me Story Structure

I have a problem. I collect things. It’s one of my addictions, and one I’ve curtailed for the most part for now due to money. But I still have the damn things. Why would I just throw them away? About a year ago, I started collecting Magic: The Gathering cards. […]

The Only Cure for Writer’s Block

I’ve been affected by writer’s block. Who hasn’t? And let’s not get into a debate about what it is or if it even really exists; the fact is that sometimes, you just feel like you can’t write. Many of us (at least I) have tried to trick ourselves into being […]

NaNoWriMo is Not for Me

If you’re aware of NaNoWriMo, then you know that it’s a month-long event in November in which you write a 50,000 word novel, probably all on a whim with little planning. Camp NaNoWriMo also takes place in April and [another month] and it has less strict rules, but it’s essentially […]

Getting it Done

I’m starting to see the folly in choosing the story I chose for Camp NaNo. I started Slice back in November, and decided to use Camp NaNoWriMo as a chance to get it up to 50,000 words. I had already started writing it again as part of my thousand words a day […]

Letting Go

Sometimes, a form of entertainment, or some means of passing the time, can become more like an obsession. And sometimes, that obsession can become an addiction. People who know me know I love video games, but it’s time I gave them up. For the most part, anyway. The fact is […]


Okay, I gotta say this really quick because I’m only on a ten minute break and I already checked my Camp NaNo messages and my bank account. One of the biggest concerns nowadays to pretty much everyone from creators to consumers is not having enough time. It was such a […]